An announcement to any dads of twins out there in the UK. I have just released my third book, Twins: A Survival Guide for Dads. It is out now on Kindle, and will soon be released in paperback. Twins UK and TAMBA has shown an interest, which is great. 

Here is the description and a review:

"So you’ve found out the good news. How did you take it? Normally it is a choice of pure joy, pure terror or downright panic. In the event of any or all of these emotions, you will certainly be needing advice. Dads get overlooked, let’s face it. It’S about time that this changed. And that’s why Johnny Pearce decided to write this book. From a dad who’s been through it and come out the other side, this is a guide to help dads through the turbulent time of twin pregnancy, birth and those first years. 

With humour and short sections for men with attention deficits, this book packs concise information and advice for fathers-to-be or panicked fathers-now.

Get those nappies ready, get the talc on, apply the lotion and get stuck in, it’s a white knuckle ride.

“It's great! ... I like the accessible style that makes it readable for both men and women … I'm betting that if a husband was given this or bought this, it wouldn't be long before their partner nicked it to read themselves … really impressive” Karen Bleakley, Fareham and Gosport Twin Club"