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Skeptic Blogs becomes Skeptic Ink Network (SIN)

Posted by Jonathan Pearce on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, In : blogging 
So Skeptic Blogs had to change its name to appease Michael Shermer, whose own website bore a very similar nomenclature. We have now moved to a shinier, better equipped and more sleek site, called Skeptic Ink Network. My site still remains as A Tippling Philosopher:


Come and check us out! We have a facebook page and a twitter feed too. Unfortunately the redirects didn't last long, so the old URLs are defunct.

Do it!

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The move to Skeptics Blogs is going great!

Posted by Jonathan Pearce on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, In : blogging 
The recent move from here (and Debunking Christianity) over to help found the new Skeptics Blogs is going great. The blogging community is growing there as we take on new bloggers, and the quality is right up there, whilst the footfall has certainly increased. All thing considered, I am a happy man.
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The All New Skeptic Blogs - why I am migrating my blog and my work at DC to help found a new community

Posted by Jonathan Pearce on Thursday, August 16, 2012, In : blogging 
THe internet is an amazing place, full of innovation and vibrancy. There has been a movement towards community blogging as of late, with bloggers coming together to operate on a platform of blogs. Such an example would be Freethought Blogs (FTB) which, despite its recent internal and external controversies, has been a resounding popular success. Such success is evident in its hits / readership. 

With Skeptic Blogs, we would like to emulate the success but take it one step further in welcoming ...
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