As you may have gathered, I object to the Kalam Cosmological Argument. A lot. On my You Tub video about it, a Christian posted something to which i retorted. I then also sent him my extended post rejecting the KCA. He then sent me a video recently taken of Craig refuting objections by internet philosophers of the KCA. 

So far I have only watched 19 minutes of it, but based on those 19 minutes, my opinion is pretty damned low. Craig's problem with the circularity picks on a rather bizarre and irrelevant internet objection concerning deductive / inductive shenanigans. What annoys me is that the YT poster used this second objection refutation to refute my argument about circularity without realising that is was completely irrelevant.

And this annoys me about people who think the sun shines out of Craig's holy arse. They are blinded by his angelic sunshine to the point of not being able to critically evaluate anything he says. 

Anywho, I will watch this video and dissect it over the next few days.