Craig has recently posted a Q&A that beggars belief. I'm not sure I need to explain it - I'll let the man talk for himself:

" This is because the resurrection of Jesus is essential to the truth of Christianity. So if Jesus did not rise from the dead, Christianity would be false. So if the bones of Jesus were discovered, that would entail that he did not rise from the dead and so Christianity would be falsified. ... 

" So, yes, if the bones of Jesus were to be found, then he did not rise and Christianity would be false; but given the Spirit's witness we will never be justified in thinking that any bones discovered were those of Jesus. You may disagree with this view, but there's no contradiction. "

Er, say er say er say er say what?

So no matter what the evidence against, the evidence must be wrong on account of the witness of the Holy Spirit. In other words, there simply is no evidence that can possibly be presented to show that Jesus is not God? Seriously. Even I wouldn't be that arrogant / ostrich-like.