So I have a stalker. He's a complete tool with no capacity for intellectual conversation. He started by posting a negative review of my free will book without having read it. He has done it on .com and,. He has started reading it now but is so dense that he is making stooopid claims. He is a man of the cloth, it seems - a Father Clifford Stevens.

For example, in Free Will I set out the three positions, talk about their main adherents and then debunk them. However, he quotes me quoting Hume as a compatibilist (where I am explaining the position and why some people believe it) and then says:

"In Part II of "Free Will", his quotations from David Hume only contradict his view that free will is an illusion: "Hume believed that at any given point of action, we have the potential (obviousy free) to do otherwise", and the rest of Hume's quotation shatters completely his iew that free will is an illusion of the liberty and the power to act freely. Where is he going with this contradiction? He is hopelessly enmeshed in playing a game of tennis with himself.

He has two contradictions in one sentence: "This might be seen as a choice of potential actions, rather than freedom of will - and the freedom of will is the Holy Grail here." How does this tie up with his final conclusion that "I have come to accept determinism: (rather than free will) - and "evolution has created us to live under the illusion of free will), and yet in Part II, he identifies them or reflects on their compatibililtiy."

Jesus. What a twat. He is saying that I am contradicting myself because I am a determinist but I have quoted Hume as being in defence of compatibilism!! But I am only defining it!!

He has disingenuously reviewed it without reading it and some number of comments further on had admitted to reading only so far up to the end of Part 1, 3 days after reviewing the whole book!

He has now posted a vacuous review of The Nativity showing that he has not read it. You have to read his comments to see how much of a fool he is.

Any comments are welcome!  


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What is evident is that Christians can be dishonest twerps as easily as anyone else. Perhaps more easily. He now has the award of the most annoying person i have ever interacted with.