I'm loving the Olympics, I really am. I have even been to see some women's volleyball and it was great. It has all been so well organised (and in so being, it's great to put one up Mitt Romney for his silly comments). However, the good ole sporting problem raises its theological head. Who does God support?

I was watching a boxing match which tied. This means that the judges' individual scores were tied so it goes down to who the judges selected in their intuitive press of a button. This then meant that the two boxers were standing there in the middle of the ring with the referee for some minutes.

What I particularly loved about the sight was when one boxer made the sign of the cross and looked to the heavens and then, perhaps on seeing the first boxer, the second boxer made the sign of the cross and looked to the heavens. They were both pleading for God's favour to guide them to a win. What a dilemma for God! In the end, the British boxer Anthony Ogogo beat Ievgen Khytrov on a majority vote. What does this tell us?

Well, clearly God prefers Britain to the Ukraine.