At our last Tippling Philosophers meeting we threw into the hat the questions that we would most like answered. I compiled them all, and combined a couple (which is why number 6 is missing). What do you think? What questions would you think are the most important questions?

1. What one quality / human characteristic should we want to prioritise in carrying forward out development / evolution?


2. What do you think we will carry forward?


3. Can God know everything?


4. If there is daulism, how does it work (mind / body dualism, eg)?


5. Why is winning the argument more important that being true?




7. Can God create ex nihilo?


8. Would an infinite God have any mystery?


9. Why is there something rather than nothing?


10. What is consciousness?


11. What do we mean by God? ie Does God have personhood etc?


12. What happened at the Big Bang / what is our cosmological story?


13. How does heaven work?


14. What is the ontology (existence) of abstracts (Problem of Universals)?


15. What would it take for you to change your worldview?