On Sunday, I was lucky enough to have been invited by the South Hampshire Humanists (SHH) to do a talk on free will in Southampton. This was my first public speaking engagement in the world of philosophy and I was both nervous and excited. There was an assembled audience of only 20 people which was nice and intimate. I talked for about 45 minutes and then did a Q and A session afterwards.

Back some months ago I turned up to the SHH drinks in a nearby pub - a social to discuss pertinent subjects. I turned up with my books and talked my usual philosophy of religion spiel and they seemed suitably impressed to want me back. Also, two prominent members, Louise and Mike, were interested in our Tippling Philosophers. The TPs, for those who don't know, is our group of friends of disparate beliefs who meet down the pub once a month, We talk and debate anything and everything philosophical and religious and love every minute. So Mike and Louise are now members of our little gang too.

Anywho, one day they invited me too talk at their group meeting (which take place very two months). I did my talk enthusing on the topic of free will and determinism.

What was really interesting is that I did a straw poll of who believed in free will at the beginning of the meeting and about half the people raised their hands. I asked the same question at the end and only one person raised their hand! A great moment followed. In answer to my question "Do you believe in free will?" one lady chirped in:

"Well, it depends how you define free will!"

Genius. Answered like a true philosopher!

I would love to do a local little debate now...