Here is Lockley's post:


Religions tell you that you must have faith because there is no other reason for believing! One does not need faith where enough evidence exists. I don’t need faith that gravity will suddenly give way because according to all my perceived observations and experiences- gravity has never failed me or anyone else before!


Listen believers.....If there really is a god, and there really is some ultimate truth that we humans must know for the sake of our eternal souls, then this knowledge/truth should be as universal and obvious as anything else! This knowledge/truth should be as obvious as the sun rising and setting, the wind blowing, gravity holding us to the earth, grass being green....etc...........


It should not be something we can only come to understand through a 2000 year old iron age text!- Not something which had to be translated from Hebrew and Greek, Not something so contradictory and out of line with the facts that its own believers fight and argue over its meaning. Not something that displays the biasness of its authors and its time and place. If an ultimate truth exists and we are supposed to know it, than any god who did not make it universally obvious is ultimately to blame! That is why I do not believe we are "supposed" to know anything, we just learn what we put are minds to learn.