In the same discussion as the previous post was involved in, this comment by papalinton deserves a mention. It is a great summation of religion:

You say, "... Atheism is not a belief system."

It is just as you say; with atheism there is no doctrine, no 'good' book, no dogma, no catechism, no organised tradition, no institutional body or theological administrative organisation underpinning the ritual and  ceremony; there is no  procedural observance; no service, no sacrament, no liturgy, no organised and regular worship; no custom or atheistic tradition, and there is no formalised convention, procedure or established protocol. There are no 'church' officers, no hierarchy of promotion of clergy/ministers, no administrators or CEOs of centralized management arrangements, there is no career service in atheism as is called for in theistic belief systems. 

All these are emblematic characteristics of a belief 'system'.  Atheism is not, in and of itself, a systematized process through which direct support of, and the administration of, such a belief system is appropriate or required.  There is no dedicated requirement for infrastructure support to maintain, co-ordinate and administer the various elements of a belief system as is clearly evident in the Roman Catholic organisation, or the Southern Baptist Convention, or any of the myriad mega-church industries. 
Atheism is not an industry.  By contrast all religions are in the 'eternal insurance' industry through which customers buy insurance to cover travel and entry visas into the next world [putatively heaven], following their demise in this one.  The clergy are ostensibly insurance salesman.  [Benny Hinn is a religious insurance hawker/insurance loan shark of a particular stripe.]
I am reminded of Joseph Lewis, American author, writer, who noted:  "Religion is all profit.  They have no merchandise to buy, no commissions to pay, and no refunds to make for unsatisfactory service or results  .... Their commodity is fear;  their inventories are lies ..... their deferred tax assets are guilt and self-abasement."

Brdeadite99, there is no doubt about it, just as you say; atheism is *not* a belief system.