THe internet is an amazing place, full of innovation and vibrancy. There has been a movement towards community blogging as of late, with bloggers coming together to operate on a platform of blogs. Such an example would be Freethought Blogs (FTB) which, despite its recent internal and external controversies, has been a resounding popular success. Such success is evident in its hits / readership. 

With Skeptic Blogs, we would like to emulate the success but take it one step further in welcoming informed discussion with people who sit on the other side of the fence. Such interaction is the key to a lively and addictive blog. Everyone loves a good argument! This is why I have been spending so much time blogging over at Debunking Christianity lately, which has been a privilege and a pleasure.

So a group of bloggers, Cathy Cooper (A for Atheist), John Loftus, Ed Clint, Arizona Atheist, myself and others are starting up this new community and cordially invite you to come along and join in the journey. Check out the community here: 

With my blog, continuing with the same name is found here: 
It would be great if you, my sporadic readers, could subscribe and comment with the intention of making it a lively and cordial place. It was an honour to be asked to help found this new project.

I will be taking on guest bloggers and have Andreas Schueler, a molecular evolutionary biologist, as well as Cody Rudisill, a theologically trained poster, on the books already, so to speak.

It's an exciting time, and I hope you can share this with us.