I was walking past the newspaper stand in the newsagents and I saw the headline to the Daily Mail. Now, the Daily Mail is a hate-filled diatribe of poor and polemical journalism. Its online message boards more so, with posters who are so right wing, they would be more at home in the Tea Party.


Anyhow, what was the headline? Well:


BBC turns its back on year of Our Lord: 2,000 years of Christianity jettisoned for politically correct 'Common Era'

This was the headline to an article full of drivel, with 1300 posts and counting on the online article, predominantly full of irrational tools spouting nonsensical tripe. The whole nub of the subject is the fact that, correctly, the BBC has decided to step in line with academic world and use BCE and CE instead of BC and AD. AD, ‘The Year of Our Lord’, is simply not universal. These are the reasons that the BBC are correct:



Our Lord is not universal and only means anything to Christians.

CE is universal, and can apply to every person and culture irrespective of beliefs.

We used to be Pagan in pre-Christian times, yet we are happy to ditch that non-relevant calendar.

Christians would not want to use the Hijri calendar or Hindu calendar, so why do they get upset when the rest of society does not want to use ‘their’ calendar?

Only 7%, according to a 2997 survey, of UK citizens are practising Christians. Every bit of research seems to point that Christians are a minority, so BC/AD is even less relevant.


So on and so forth. It seems to me that this change is long overdue. As for the Beeb, good on ‘em.