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Present and future titles.

This is my first book, 

"Free Will?: An investigation into whether we have free will, or whether I was always going to write this book."

 It is available in the UK here, and in the US here.

This is the official book annotation / description:


This book is a fine introduction into the age-old philosophical debate as to whether we have free will, or whether we live determined lives. Pearce approaches the subject in a lively manner, explaining terms clearly and using anecdotes to break down some of the heavier philosophy so that it is available to the popular philosophy reader. Now that we are understanding our genetic heritage and our neurology better, can we account for all our characteristics and decisions? The author also looks at how theories of free will and determinism integrate with religion, particularly Christianity. If we live under the illusion of free will, do religions need reassessing? How does free will work when God knows what we are doing in advance? Does God have free will? How does prophecy interfere with free will? How is our justice system affected if we know exactly why people commit crimes? These and other crucial questions are investigated with a deft touch, and the author uses recent and important scientific findings to support the text supplying a valuable overview to the subject.  

My third book is a move away from philosophy and theology and a move into the r ealm of parenthood for twins. Having twin boys myself, I felt that there was a gap in the market for a book aimed at giving information and advice to dads of twins. Here it is.

Twins: A Survival Guide for Dads [Kindle Edition]

So you’ve found out the good news. How did you take it? Normally it is a choice of pure joy, pure terror or downright panic. In the event of any or all of these emotions, you will certainly be needing advice. Dads get overlooked, let’s face it. It’S about time that this changed. And that’s why Johnny Pearce decided to write this book. From a dad who’s been through it and come out the other side, this is a guide to help dads through the turbulent time of twin pregnancy, birth and those first years.


With humour and short sections for men with attention deficits, this book packs concise information and advice for fathers-to-be or panicked fathers-now.


Get those nappies ready, get the talc on, apply the lotion and get stuck in, it’s a white knuckle ride.


“It's great! ... I like the accessible style that makes it readable for both men and women … I'm betting that if a husband was given this or bought this, it wouldn't be long before their partner nicked it to read themselves … really impressive” Karen Bleakley, Fareham and Gosport Twin Club


My next book is out now, and is called "The Little Book of Unholy Questions". It is available in the Uk, Germany, the US and at any other amazon (I hope), plus available to order from bookshops, available from other online retailers both sides of the pond, as an ebook and as a Kindle ebook.

 Here are three reviews of Unholy Questions that have been posted on Amazon.com:

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Bible Study Would Have Been Much More Fun With This Little Book Around!,July 1, 2011

Ungodly (Las Vegas, Nevada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Little Book of Unholy Questions (Paperback)
Every aspiring apologist or theologian ought to become familiar with the questions in this book, because folks are starting to ask the tough questions they were afraid to ask in generations past. I'd sure love to hear the answers to these questions from those who claim God speaks to them. Will they get the same answers as each other? 

Can religious faith stand up to such probing questions as: Can you (God) get bored? Without sensory organs, how do you feel anything? Where did you (Jesus) get the male half of your genome from given that Mary had an immaculate conception? Were you naughty as a child? Did you ever lust after anybody? If you did not, then how can you claim to be fully man? When you prayed to God, how did that work, since you are God? 

There are also very specific questions about Bible passages: The Old Testament declares that the smell of burnt offerings (sacrifices) pleased you (for example, in Leviticus 1) - is this true? In saying in Ephesians 6:5 that slaves need to obey their masters just as they would obey Christ, are you implying that slavery is acceptable? 

This is an important book to have on hand for anyone wondering if their faith stands up to scrutiny. It's sure to prompt interesting thoughts and discussions. It's also a handy little book for freethinkers-- the questions will keep the proselytizers too busy to do much proselytizing; the book provides ongoing fodder for internet debates as well. 

No matter where you are coming from, this book is chock-full of questions that will have you pondering things you've never pondered before. It contains the sorts of questions we should all be asking those who claim to know what God/Jesus did, feels, thinks, or wants. Heck, we should be asking these questions to anyone who claims to know God exists. I want to know what their god has to say!

5.0 out of 5 stars The questions everyone should ask - a great book!August 8, 2011
This review is from: The Little Book of Unholy Questions (Paperback)
Every free thinking rational person who has even the vaguest interest in philosophy/religion should own this book. 
At the start of each chapter the subject matter is concisely outlined/summarised, which puts the questions to be asked in that area in perfect context. The book covers some very difficult subjects but does so in a way that leaves the interpretation and conclusions up to the reader. 
There are many common concepts and beliefs taken for granted by people that if thought through, simply to not 'add up'. This book asks those awkward questions in a very insightful manner. 

Some will find this book fun to read, humorous and stimulating. Others will find it challenging and uncomfortable in parts. These are none the less questions we should all ask - and if you have a 'faith' you should ask them more fervently. 

The best recommendation I can give, is that a good friend who is deeply religious, and was staying for a few days read some sections of this book. Her response was to thank me for introducing her to it. She now has her own copy. 

The type of book you can read from cover to cover, or easily dip into in a spare moment.

5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the small priceSeptember 30, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed reading "The Little Book of Unholy Questions". I liked the way the author mixed questions to god with facts and opinions. I enjoyed it when there were questions that I've asked. I found myself thinking, I'm not the only one who has pondered this question. One of my favorite questions was #85: 

Do you think sacrificing yourself to sit on your 
own right hand in an eternal heaven is the 
ultimate sacrifice that could be made? 

I've recommended this book to all my non-religious friends and I'm asking my religious friends to answer some of these questions. 

Definitely food for thought. 

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