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Video Gallery

The Kalam Cosmological Argument contested. William Lane Craig's version of the argument is critically evaluated.

Below is a set of videos looking at evolution as being fact. Theory and scientific fact.

Argument against the existence of a soul, parts 1-3.

My first foray into YouTube videos. These two look at whether Joseph of Arimathea as mentioned in the Resurrection narratives actually existed or whether he was a fictional mechanism.

Below is a video looking into how the notions of free will and heaven are incoherent given that free will supposedly exists in heaven without evil. 

This video is a plug for my book to anyone who might just see it.

 Due to my great interest in all things free will and determinism, I have stepped lightly into a debate on YouTube, and have posted a couple of videos looking at the science behind determinism. Most of the research that I mentioned in these videos is documented in my book "Free Will?".

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